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About Chilliwack

Chilliwack, with a population of approximately 100,000 residents and an area of 261 km² (100 sq mi), is situated in the Canadian province of British Columbia, about 100 km (62 mi) east of Vancouver in the Fraser Valley. The city itself has a population of 93,203, while the broader metropolitan area holds 113,767 inhabitants, making it the second fastest-growing metro area in Canada.

The area is located on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded lands of the Stó꞉lō Coast Salish peoples. Historical estimates suggest that up to 40,000 individuals lived within the Stó:lō territory at the time Europeans first arrived.

Approximately two-thirds of the city’s territory is designated as part of the Agricultural Land Reserve, with agriculture driving around 30 percent of Chilliwack’s economy. Geographically, the city is bordered to the north by the Fraser River, to the south by the Vedder River and the Canada–United States border, and is encircled by prominent mountains such as Mount Cheam and Slesse Mountain.

Things to do in Chilliwack

Great Blue Heron Reserve

The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve is a stunning conservation area located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Spanning over 325 hectares, it provides a protected habitat for the great blue heron along with numerous other wildlife species. The reserve features a system of trails that allow visitors to explore diverse environments, including wetlands, grasslands, and forests. It’s especially noted for its large heronry, where visitors can observe these majestic birds, particularly during the breeding season. The reserve also offers educational programs and workshops to promote wildlife conservation and environmental awareness.

Chilliwack Cultural Centre

The Chilliwack Cultural Centre is a vibrant arts and cultural facility located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Opened in 2010, it serves as a hub for artistic and cultural activities in the region, featuring a variety of performance and exhibition spaces. The centre includes a theatre, art studios, music rooms, and a gallery that hosts a wide range of events, from live theater and concerts to art shows and workshops. The facility plays a crucial role in fostering the local arts scene, offering classes and programs that engage community members of all ages in creative pursuits.

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is a scenic park located near Chilliwack, British Columbia, known for its spectacular waterfall that cascades down over 60 meters to resemble a bridal veil. The park offers a peaceful and easily accessible viewing platform just a short walk from the parking area, making it ideal for all ages and fitness levels. Surrounding the falls are lush forests and a series of trails perfect for hiking and picnicking, providing visitors with a serene environment to enjoy nature. The park’s picturesque setting makes it a popular spot for photography, especially during the spring and summer when the water flow is at its peak.

Cultus Lake Water Park

Cultus Lake Water Park is British Columbia’s biggest and most popular water park, located near Chilliwack. This family-friendly attraction offers a wide array of water slides and activities suited for all ages, from thrilling high-speed slides to gentler options for younger children. The park also features an extensive lazy river, several hot tubs, and a dedicated kids’ area, making it an ideal spot for family outings. In addition to the water-based attractions, Cultus Lake Water Park provides visitors with ample sunbathing areas, picnic spots, and concession stands offering snacks and refreshments. The park is typically open during the warmer months, providing a fun and cooling escape for both locals and tourists.

Oliver’s Tearoom in Dickens Sweets & British Museum

Oliver’s Tearoom, nestled within Dickens Sweets & British Museum in Chilliwack, British Columbia, offers a charming and quaint dining experience. This cozy tearoom provides a traditional British ambiance where visitors can enjoy a variety of teas alongside classic English treats such as scones, sandwiches, and pastries. The setting is unique, surrounded by a fascinating collection of British memorabilia and antiques that are part of the museum. Guests can delve into the cultural artifacts before or after their meal, making it a delightful spot for those interested in British culture and history. Oliver’s Tearoom is a perfect retreat for a leisurely afternoon tea, providing a taste of Britain in the heart of Chilliwack.

Elk Mountain

Elk Mountain is a popular hiking destination located near Chilliwack, British Columbia, known for its challenging trails and stunning panoramic views. The hike to the summit of Elk Mountain is moderately difficult, attracting both seasoned hikers and those looking for a rewarding day trip. The trail leads through lush forested areas, opening up to wildflower meadows and ultimately offering expansive views of the surrounding Fraser Valley and the Cascade Mountains. The peak provides an excellent vantage point for breathtaking scenery, making it a favorite among photographers and nature enthusiasts. The climb, while steep at times, is well worth the effort for the spectacular vistas and serene natural environment that await at the top.

Chilliwack Corn Maze

The Chilliwack Corn Maze is a beloved annual attraction located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, offering a fun and interactive experience for visitors of all ages. Each year, the maze features a new design, sprawling over 12 acres of cornfields. Beyond navigating the intricate corn maze, guests can enjoy a variety of other activities including pumpkin patch visits, hayrides, and a petting zoo, making it a perfect destination for family outings during the fall season. The venue also hosts nighttime maze adventures, providing a unique and thrilling experience under the stars. Additionally, the Chilliwack Corn Maze serves as a venue for seasonal events and celebrations, further enhancing its appeal as a community-centric and festive location.

Cottonwood 4 Cinemas

Cottonwood 4 Cinemas is a community-focused movie theater located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Known for its cozy atmosphere and affordable pricing, this cinema offers a more personalized and budget-friendly alternative to the larger multiplexes. It features four screens that showcase a mix of the latest blockbuster hits and occasional independent films, catering to a diverse audience. The theater is particularly appreciated for its family-friendly environment and special promotions, such as discounted tickets on certain days and matinee pricing. Cottonwood 4 Cinemas provides a comfortable viewing experience with its intimate setting, making it a popular choice for local movie-goers looking for a relaxed and enjoyable film experience.

Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake is a popular recreational destination located near Chilliwack, British Columbia. Known for its crystal-clear waters and scenic surroundings, the lake is a favorite spot for swimming, boating, fishing, and water sports. Surrounding the lake are numerous hiking trails and campgrounds, making it ideal for nature enthusiasts looking to explore the outdoors. The area also features several attractions, including Cultus Lake Water Park and Cultus Lake Adventure Park, which provide additional entertainment for families and visitors. With its beautiful beaches and extensive facilities for picnics and barbecues, Cultus Lake offers a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure for a day trip or a longer camping stay.



Sardis is a suburban community located in the southern part of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, Sardis offers a mix of residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, and commercial areas, making it a desirable place to live for many. The community features various recreational opportunities, including several parks and sports fields. Sardis is also home to the Vedder River, which is popular for fishing, particularly during the salmon run, and for scenic walks along the Vedder River Trail. With its convenient amenities and close-knit community vibe, Sardis blends suburban comfort with easy access to outdoor activities, embodying a balanced lifestyle for its residents.


Promontory is a residential neighborhood located in the southeastern part of Chilliwack, British Columbia, perched on a hillside that offers spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. This area is known for its peaceful, family-oriented environment and modern homes. Promontory features a range of amenities including parks, walking trails, and an elementary school, making it an ideal location for families and outdoor enthusiasts. The community is also in close proximity to recreational areas such as Cultus Lake and the Chilliwack River, providing easy access to outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and boating. The neighborhood’s elevated position not only ensures stunning landscapes but also fosters a sense of seclusion and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.


Yarrow is a charming small community within the city of Chilliwack, British Columbia, known for its rich agricultural heritage and strong community spirit. Nestled between the Vedder River and the Sumas Prairie, Yarrow offers a picturesque setting that is ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and bird watching. The town features a quaint main street lined with unique shops, cafes, and a community library, reflecting its close-knit and friendly atmosphere. Yarrow is also famous for its annual events like the Yarrow Days Festival, which celebrates the community’s culture and history with parades, craft fairs, and live music. This rural enclave provides a peaceful retreat with a deep sense of community and a connection to natural beauty.

Fairfield Island

Fairfield Island is a serene residential area located in the northern part of Chilliwack, British Columbia. This peaceful neighborhood is characterized by its spacious lots, family homes, and abundant green spaces, offering residents a quiet, suburban lifestyle. Surrounded by waterways, including the Fraser River to the north and several sloughs, Fairfield Island is ideal for those who enjoy water-related activities and the tranquility of nature. The area is also known for its excellent birdwatching opportunities, as it hosts a variety of bird species throughout the year. With its close proximity to downtown Chilliwack, residents of Fairfield Island enjoy the benefits of a secluded environment while still having access to the city’s amenities and services.

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